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To listen to an interview Marc did with Ralph Nader called "The Minds of Animals" please click here.

For a discussion about the importance of play for non-humans and humans please click here.

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 To read an interview with Marc for Forbes please click here.

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 To read "First do no harm" (New Scientist), please click here.

 To read an interview with Marc about his book The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons For Expanding Our Compassion Footprint please visit the following links:

 To see and read an interview with Marc held in Gent, Belgium, please click:
 Part 1:  Animals have emotions and morality
 Part 2:  More compassion for animals feeds into more compassion for people

 To listen to a radio interview, "Time to Change How We View and Treat Animals," please click here.

 To read "Moral in Tooth and Claw" please click here.

 To read an interview "Walk with the animals" (New Zealand) please click here.

 To hear an interview on New Zealand Public Radio please click here.

 To learn more about Marc's Roots & Shoots program at the Boulder County Jail please click here.

 To read more about Marc's work with rescued moon bears with Animals Asia please click here.

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 To hear a brief interview with Marc on animal joy, sorrow, and wild justice please click here.

 To hear Marc talk about his book The Ten Trusts (written with Jane Goodall) please click here (and scroll to Episode 33).

 To hear Marc's interview on animal emotions, please click here.

 To listen to Marc's interview on Irish Public Radio please click here.

 To read more about animal emotions please see:

 "Mother gorilla's grief shows emotion is not only human"

 "If animals have feelings, can we justify ogling them in zoos?"

 Time Magazine
Honor Among Beasts by Michael D. Lemonick

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